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I have reviewed numerous signatures and handwriting, examined case   documents and rendered an opinion on cases in Alaska, Arizona, Alabama,  California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas,  Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland,  New Jersey, New Mexico, New York,  Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah,  Wisconsin, Washington, Washington D.C., Bahamas, Mexico, Panama, Puerto  Rico, Poland and Montreal, Quebec, Canada.                 

Laboratory Equipment used for examination: 

Her   laboratory consists of equipment used for examination, such as:  Multi  Spectral Imaging system with multiple different writing systems, white  light, visible light, UV, IR, 10x –  400x twin/digital microscope; HP  flat bed scanner; light table; numerous  magnifying devices; Canon SD600  digital camera; Canon Powershot S2;  protractor and metric measuring  devices; blacklights; photoshop program  and transparencies.                 

Specific Areas of Training: 

Handwriting   Identification and Discrimination, Signature Comparison, Techniques  for  Distinguishing Forged Signatures, Disguised Handwriting, Altered   Numbers, Anonymous Writing, Factors that Affect Writing                


Numerous forensic document examination books and other handwriting reference materials.  

For a full CV please contact us @ LAH78@MSN.COM